I have been programming I am currently a Senior Full-Stack Developer and Sysadmin at kNOW.
I have worked on many projects, ranging from simple websites to:


I started coding in C# around 2013. A couple of years after, I started using JavaScript.
In 2021, I also developed a geospatial system in Rust. I chose Rust because it needed to be robust and performant.
I have expertise in ASP.NET Core and Node.js + Express.


I have experience managing and using MongoDB and PostgreSQL.


I have made countless websites over the past years.
I have expertise in Express + EJS, which I have utilized to make simple, server-side-rendered websites.
I have experience with React, but I often choose to write bare JS for websites that do not need a framework.

App Development

I often use React Native for making mobile apps. For example, I am currently developing the kNOW app in RN.